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The white and the brown color’s collocation

Posted on: July 29, 2010

White collocation principles

White and any color collocation, but should match skillfully, also need to expend idea one time. The red and white collocation is bold. Dressed in white, the recreational unlined upper garment, wearing a red skirt, under the enthusiasm and appear. In contrast, the white, the softer look.

Blue collocation principles

In all, the blue color garment most easily with other colour is tie-in. Whether similar to the dark blue or black, easier collocation, and blue is tightening, is extremely attractive figure. Vivid red blue collocation, make a person appear enchanting, handsome, but should notice LanGong proportion. The approximate black, blue fit coat of white shirt, tie the tie, attend some formal occasions, can make the person is mysterious and romantic. The bright blue coat and curve and blue skirt collocation, again with white shirt, white socks and shoes, and will give an ornament of lightsome enchanting breath. The blue skirt with white shirt is a very ordinary dress. If you can put on an elegant lavender small coat, will smooth add a few minutes of metropolitan flavor. Wearing a purple sweater, the pale blue skirt with narrow down, even if no fancy pattern, also can be in nature reveals YunWeiEr mature.

Brown collocation principles

With white collocation, give a person a kind of pure feeling. Golden brown and knee round skirt with big shirt skirt collocation, can reflect the charm and elegance. Choose the chestnut color elegant fabrics keep doing, match with red sweater jacket, red scarf, vivid, handsome and clinking. Brown sweater with brown pants, can reflect elegant grid and mature. Brown thick sweater with brown cotton dress, through both qualitative difference, showing the unique personality.

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