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White collocation principles

White and any color collocation, but should match skillfully, also need to expend idea one time. The red and white collocation is bold. Dressed in white, the recreational unlined upper garment, wearing a red skirt, under the enthusiasm and appear. In contrast, the white, the softer look.

Blue collocation principles

In all, the blue color garment most easily with other colour is tie-in. Whether similar to the dark blue or black, easier collocation, and blue is tightening, is extremely attractive figure. Vivid red blue collocation, make a person appear enchanting, handsome, but should notice LanGong proportion. The approximate black, blue fit coat of white shirt, tie the tie, attend some formal occasions, can make the person is mysterious and romantic. The bright blue coat and curve and blue skirt collocation, again with white shirt, white socks and shoes, and will give an ornament of lightsome enchanting breath. The blue skirt with white shirt is a very ordinary dress. If you can put on an elegant lavender small coat, will smooth add a few minutes of metropolitan flavor. Wearing a purple sweater, the pale blue skirt with narrow down, even if no fancy pattern, also can be in nature reveals YunWeiEr mature.

Brown collocation principles

With white collocation, give a person a kind of pure feeling. Golden brown and knee round skirt with big shirt skirt collocation, can reflect the charm and elegance. Choose the chestnut color elegant fabrics keep doing, match with red sweater jacket, red scarf, vivid, handsome and clinking. Brown sweater with brown pants, can reflect elegant grid and mature. Brown thick sweater with brown cotton dress, through both qualitative difference, showing the unique personality.

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Black collocation principles

Black is a joker color, regardless of the what colour are put together, will have amorous feelings one time.

Cream-colored collocation principles

Coat is shallow meters deep color, clothing is under color, mature, intellectual rice and generous, mixed grey colour is backward and contractive feeling. Use cream-colored wear a taste of a rigorous, not difficult also. A piece of shallow cream-colored high-necked short-sleeved sweater, with a black pants, put on the delicate with luster with black shoes and pointed to a professional women’s professional feeling foil properly. If you want a spell able, strong feelings, then select a black stripes delicate dress suits, match on one paragraph cream-colored, white style of handbags and female grace. Clear but not dazzling. In warm color or gentle, or used in fashion, cream-colored color. Because of its simplicity and beige full intellectual beauty and become the blue dress workplace. Compared with white, cream-colored much a few minutes warm and elegant, no matter hyperbole, Compared with black, cream-colored pure softness, not too dignified. In pursuit of heavy and complicated is simple fashion trend to give in to their pure and elegant, cream-colored and rigorous modern breath workplace atmosphere. Any color will wear out the best effect, exquisite collocation, cream-colored is no exception.

Most importantly, your dress collocation with your temperament must match.

Black and white collocation is eternal classics, but other color is tie-in, can be the flavor.

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Men’s clothing than a single color, with a relatively simple, but the color of women’s complex, with skills is particularly important, in our matching colors to the customers, he must consider how it could help with the customers are the most decent piercing results, customer satisfaction, can store endless repeat customers.
  There are many colors for women to wear, the current market, what color the ladies have, we can put color into three categories: warm, cool, neutral color.
    Red, yellow, orange and the similar color can be classified as warm, giving people the feeling of heat; cyan, blue was cool to give people the feeling of cold; green, and purple color in the middle. In the summer, we usually choose cool clothing, give cool feeling. While in the winter, we will choose the warm winter, warm to others. White skin people, whatever color clothes to wear can be fine. If the color black, then. It should try to wear some warm clothes. Should not wear red.
    In addition to cold and warm shades of color than there are divided, dark appear stable, calm, light-colored look elegant, generous. Out on different occasions, you can choose clothes appropriate color depth. Those are the basic colors common sense. Here are the basic colors of several methods.
Same color matching method.
    This is one of the most simple, basic color matching. Same color is the same or similar series of hue, brightness change resulting from the shades of the different shades of color. Same color can be achieved with a dignified, quiet, steady results, suitable for mature women elegant temperament. It must be noted with the same kind of color, the color and the color difference between the brightness to be appropriate, a difference too small, too close to the colors easily confused with each other, the lack of layering; difference too strong color contrast too easy to separate as a whole. When the same color with the best deep, medium and light changes in three levels, with less than three levels, was relatively dull, but easy to produce excessive levels of red tape, scattered results. If the red color tone was the same kind of match, it can be expected to rose red skirt, red sweater camel, purple shoes, red garnet earrings and makeup composition.
With a method similar to color clothes.
    Similar color so that color ring around the neighborhood in less than 90 degrees color. Such as red and orange, orange and yellow and green, yellow and green, green and purple colors are all similar. Similar color changes clothes with more coherence and still get the overall effect of popular favor women.
Main color dress with a method.
    This color can use a variety of contrasting colors, but to establish a leading role in the main color. Main color and tone should be consistent set of clothing, the main color in the whole set of clothes should account for a large proportion of the area or the more important position. Secondary color choices have to comply with the overall tone clothing.
    In addition to these are the three with a way to understand, but also to match the various colors of the principle of understanding on the deployment of different colors can be applied with ease


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 It is said that young people are the cutting-edge fashion, a person’s tastes and love of life reflected in her basic wear clothing. And the wholesale-korean-fashion.com according to the trend of the implication of such a life is the concept: What is fashion? Fashion is for you to inadvertently fall into the circle of life deviant. According to wholesale-korean-fashion.com, let’s be the person who is confident with love and life.

1. Diminutive female blouses with law
Sleeveless tops the most appropriate, as long as your arm is not the most fat. Sleeveless shirt would cause a narrowing of the body, especially that surround the shoulder of a sleeveless shirt. In addition, the short jacket and Knee length skirt or shorts with also good.
2. Diminutive female pants law
The length of pants, or the full-length, or on the 7 points, not for 9 minutes in length. Shorts, fit the Pants, Cropped pants, bell bottoms and all that Shorty legs become slender type. Close to body type trousers are so slender legs look perfect.
3. Diminutive woman with a skirt law
The length of the skirt is very important, long look short, short leg deficiencies will appear more prominent, longer than half of the thigh, the longest just knee bone on it.
4. Diminutive female shoes with law
Not too slim skirt with super shoes, super dress shoes with a little sense of the best weight balance. Pointed high heels, is the trend of choice and can compensate for defects in body type, fit trousers with high heels make the legs more slender type.
5. Diminutive female pattern matching rules
Should choose small lovely patterns and designs as far as possible placed in the upper body, bold eye-catching logo for you absolutely not suitable for petite, small and cute patterns to perfection. Reporter, sleek design and compact your lovely complement.
6. Little man with female parts rule
You can use the parts to shift the focus of attention. Neck or head scarves, jewelry and so can other people view the shift pattern of the clothing chest with the same characters have this effect.
7. Diminutive women‘s color regulation
Should choose a clear, clean color. Although dark clothing will become thin people, but people will become shorter, bright, simple clothing short man best girl. Like the dull, purer color Shorty girl, you can choose steady green jersey has no shortage of angry ink.
8 .Small female pattern matching rules
Vertical striped clothing is also a short man dressed in Fuji rule. Either wide or narrow vertical stripes will help to elongate body shape, short person should avoid stripes, regardless of width bad.
9. Diminutive woman with style rules
Do not level too much clothing, simple is the key. For example: a short jacket with a long paragraph which is YY, tower skirt. Hongkong fashion and Korean fashion clothes, not to choose too small pieces of Korean fashion, or level of too many japan fashion..


Fashion dress sense
Dress different occasions

◎ formal occasion dress

— Official functions, banquets, formal meetings, receptions, wedding ceremony in the evening’s social activities must wear a dark suit, white shirt lining required to wear ties required to wear a tie rule pattern or patterns, color contrast should not be too strong.

Semi-formal dress occasions ◎

Semi-formal occasions – work, lunch, general access, high-level meetings and a more solemn event, held during the day, you can wear a medium color, light or dark than the bright suits, shirts and wear purer, refined color coordination with the suit shirt and tie required rules of pattern or patterns with a tie or elegant monochrome tie.

◎ informal occasion dress

In an informal setting — travel, friends, etc., can be more casually dressed in freedom, choose colors bright light, flowers and beautiful suit, shirt can be any combination or not to wear a shirt, wear T-shirts, ties can be free with However, avoid using red and red tie.

A variety of seasonal clothing

◎ spring dress

Recovery of all things, prosperous and warm weather flaunt the mood relaxed. This season’s color can be any of a group of the spectrum, there are cool to warm over are the most common. Such as beige, light green. Fabric texture in order to close the main flexible worsted fabric. Structure of claims is to coordinate with the set-piece plus windbreaker.

◎ Summer Dress

Sun sunshine, nowhere to hide in the hot so we are keen to cool. Neutral colors, white and black contrast, relatively weak pure and clear some of the color quality would be welcomed. For example: white, ivory, yellow, light meters gray. Cotton, hemp, silk, dress this season is the preferred material. Style simple and cut right, exquisite suit can be worn at work and evening. And the Korean fashion clothing or the hongkong fashion clothing is very popular in this summer.

◎ autumn dress

Vegetation Xiao Shu, Montreal, from the heavy accumulation of yellow leaves should be harvested mood. Formed by a group of warm clothing way recommended. For example: brown, mustard yellow. Autumn best reflect “the whole dress code” approach, two-piece suits with vests, three-piece, or a trench-style jacket. Fabric selection can be diverse, fluffy texture and a soft cut worth considering.

◎ winter clothing

Very warm to cold, bleak nature has given us the opportunity to show color, the color of the same season would be attractive. Of course, should be Canglan conventional, mixed ash, turmeric, dark blue, brown, winter can also be neat, elegant appearance with, it requires skill, can be wool fabric, cashmere, camel hair as raw materials. Can also be woolen worsted.

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Fair skin: white skin is cheek by the characteristics of the sun drying it easy red, with this type of skin women are lucky, because most of the white skin color can make a more beautiful and moving, especially the yellow line and color which blue line the most prominent white skin, the overall look the tracks you lived, light colors such as orange, lemon yellow, apple green, purple, sky blue and other bright colors properly.
 Dark brown skin: darker skin tones of people for a number of dark brown lines, to make you seem more personal. Dark green, purplish red, brown, yellow will make you look naturally elegant, the opposite blue line is out of tune with you, better not Chuanlan color of the shirt.
 Pale yellow or yellowish skin: skin yellowish Yichuan blue tone clothing, such as burgundy, purple, purplish blue color and so on will make the face more fair, but the strong lines, such as brown, yellow, orange and so can not wear the best not to wear, so as to avoid looking even more yellowish no glory.
Health wheat color: color of women have this skin feeling healthy and vigorous people, black and white with such a strong contrast with their surprisingly Ge Chen, dark blue, charcoal and other pragmatic and colors, and pink, dark red, green these bright cheerful colors most prominent personality.
Hair, which hair color suits your style is to bring brilliant fluorescent color swept across the city. Color is the language of the performance trend, different hair color highlights a different flavor and personality. So, in this season’s fashion, choose what color to represent yourself?