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skin color and clothing color matching

skin color and clothing color matching
01 color white – wear with yellow department
My genes color, is to use color to differentiate for their color. Color of white people, use with yellow flavor color, such as orange, light yellow, Turkey blue, olive green and so on.
02 more ruddy complexion, health – wear with a blue color
Suitable for use with a blue color, such as red pepper, green lake, ocean green, light blue, lemon yellow and so on.
03 basic color clothing recommended no.1-khaki or camel
Khaki is very suitable for the yellow color tone of Oriental, especially the color is very easy to integrate with other colors.
04 basic color clothing recommended no.2-gray
Gray is not the color of an error-prone, but also very suitable as the main color clothing, neutral gray, with the extension of also high.
05 basic color clothing recommended no.3-dark blue
Many men prefer dark blue color, but it is for people whose skin color is reddish.
06 basic color clothing recommended no.4-dark brown
Coffee is an honest and deep color of calm, with Khaki as very suitable for skin tone is yellow people.
07 khaki-based recommendations
Upper body – light yellow, off-white, coffee, champagne, apricot, apricot, Apple Green.
08 gray -based recommendations
With red pepper, pure pink, sapphire, light blue, dark purple.
09 size, shape considerations
Slender body – wearing high color, more vivid colors. Not tall people – simple wear line, plain, emphasizing the waist clothing.

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