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the black and the cream color’s collocation

Posted on: July 29, 2010

Black collocation principles

Black is a joker color, regardless of the what colour are put together, will have amorous feelings one time.

Cream-colored collocation principles

Coat is shallow meters deep color, clothing is under color, mature, intellectual rice and generous, mixed grey colour is backward and contractive feeling. Use cream-colored wear a taste of a rigorous, not difficult also. A piece of shallow cream-colored high-necked short-sleeved sweater, with a black pants, put on the delicate with luster with black shoes and pointed to a professional women’s professional feeling foil properly. If you want a spell able, strong feelings, then select a black stripes delicate dress suits, match on one paragraph cream-colored, white style of handbags and female grace. Clear but not dazzling. In warm color or gentle, or used in fashion, cream-colored color. Because of its simplicity and beige full intellectual beauty and become the blue dress workplace. Compared with white, cream-colored much a few minutes warm and elegant, no matter hyperbole, Compared with black, cream-colored pure softness, not too dignified. In pursuit of heavy and complicated is simple fashion trend to give in to their pure and elegant, cream-colored and rigorous modern breath workplace atmosphere. Any color will wear out the best effect, exquisite collocation, cream-colored is no exception.

Most importantly, your dress collocation with your temperament must match.

Black and white collocation is eternal classics, but other color is tie-in, can be the flavor.

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