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Clothing with the “clean beauty” is considered the most easy dress with a mix of beauty. “Clean Beauty” literally refers to the clothes clean and neat. This article tries to look up clothing with the “Clean Beauty” the meaning and connotation. 1, Why costumes with the “clean, neat,” will produce? Article has explored the site “What is beauty” and” clothing aesthetic”. We know” clothing aesthetic” is a psychological activity, through aesthetic appreciation and appreciation of those who being a new cognitive sublimation (such as integrity, quality, culture, knowledge, age, personality, hobbies, etc.), and generates the corresponding psychological feelings (such as warm, pleasant … …) and mental activities (such as association … …). “If the aesthetic appreciation of the process of being made by those who appreciate ] favorable, not offensive evaluation, or appreciation of those who have a “useful and positive” mental activity, we believe that “the dress with a success.” Sot Why dress with the “clean. Clean, “let those who feel the appreciation beautiful? First of all, the more simple things, the easier acceptance. The world around us can be considered from the point of composition, because the points form lines, lines, planes, surface to form space. Human brain processing of information is also adapted to this mechanism. If a thing is continuous, the brain does not deal with them how strenuous. As a clean clothes, without blemish, the brain receives information on the color of his clothes do not have to spend dealing with tainted information module, so at this point, clean clothes, clean clothes better than not allow the brain to relax Appreciation; on the one hand, because of disharmony stain of the brain are also prone to being more discriminating negative evaluation, such as appreciation of those who were living habits, health habits, etc. concerns. “Clean” the principle Ibid. 2, Is not the dress with the “not clean, not clean,” will certainly not produce the sense of beauty? I added this topic is to further deepen the readers of “aesthetic dress” understanding. We give an example to divert the topic. “If a contribution in his post quietly for 30 years, no regrets, 51 awarded by the National Labor Medal of older workers, dressed in work clothes (dirty, messy) standing in front of you, do you think he is’ ugly ‘. ” Certainly not! Therefore, a standard that we accept any principle or conclusion, we must pay attention to the scope of its adaptability. Any thing into a different background would have different assessments. Clothing aesthetic is the same, although the “clean, neat” is the dress with one of the most basic principles, but “to get clothes” and certainly make their own change is mentally handicapped. Results at the end of the lesson is: you can clean and dress a good impression; clothing aesthetic appreciation should be combined with the background and people to consider their environment. Therefore, with the individual, if it is in difficult labor environment (such as coal workers), will bring on a clean dress diplomatic trouble. From: http://www.wholesale-korean-fashion.com


Every woman in the pursuit of popular fashion, while the slaves do not want to become a fashion, and jewelry should not be bound. The simplest, most effective way is in your closet to find a new combination, in your jewelry box using your imagination to enjoy with fully reflect the personality and popularity, show a new self.

    Gold jewelry with red, white and black blend any color. Combinations with the formation of red warm atmosphere is young, optimistic about the first choice for women, especially in all kinds of festive occasions are respected. Combination with the formation of mysterious black family, noble style, as chillingly, arrogant, like females, usually appears at the dinner, is memorable. And the formation of pure white series combination of beauty and simplicity of working women in particular about the most likely selected. But skilfully fashion jewelry into the atmosphere you create, a unique way to reflect the personality and charisma, might listen to some tips:

    1. Earring sewn on the brim, it became the only city where a hat clip, guide popular.
    2. The current string in the neck ring with a leather cord to become the best jewelry with a soft sweater .
    3. Street scarf fits, you can find a ring decorated with style, with a scarf across, forming a new scarf .
    4. In the days do not wear suits, please send your brooch folder on your disk from the hair, a hard to find the birth of a hairpin .
    5. Wearing a long necklace, bracelet, when no longer fresh, and please try to sew necklace or bracelet on your belt, or will you wear bracelets and necklaces random sets, then or in any fashion you have a gap cut office hung, the formation of a new idea of clothing.

    Gold jewelry can match different colors of clothing, but different face, different body, different career choice learning to wear big gold jewelry. The following suggestions for reference:

    1. Moon-faced women, suitable for wearing earrings and necklace-style hanging pendant; long face women wear the best ear-type earrings and a package of designing the necklace, instead of hanging together.
    2. Tall and slender women can wear long necklaces; short stature of women, it is recommended wearing a necklace.
    3. Fingers slender women can wear exaggerated form of the ring; fingers slightly rounded woman, wearing a thin ring, or preferably with a flower pattern flower ring, etc., so you can look exquisite.
    4. Professional women with gentle for texture of gold jewelry but are usually determined to shape type, pattern, etc., while young and do not wear professional clothing to women, a variety of geometric graphics, cartoon graphics are better choices .


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    Respect for individuality, wholesale Korean fashion clothing is your first choice. Take the example of trousers: the pace of life today it is rapidly accelerating pace, pants became the fashion of course, their favorite women. You can on the width of the extreme wide leg pants, skinny pants will be thin at the extremes. Make you charming to the extreme. The tight white vest, pink embroidered trousers, so you move to disseminate femininity; You can mystic to the extreme: a black strapless vest, is that people search for the mysterious girl in mind. You can also loose blouses with tight pants, both pretty cute yet still charming little woman … … in accordance with the apparel industry alliance is like a “prophet” always accurately grasp the fashion weather vanes, put your personality into the fashion industry, detonated Unlimited personalized apparel market. Different styles, different style to your piercing quality, so you miss the chance to become a real girl, a trendy fashion of the world.
 Subvert tradition, refused to expensive, so smart trendsetters, has become the fashion statement of many consumers. Faced with this fashion statement, Korean dress you better not miss. Headquarters unique design of master craftsmanship, using Asian design, low price and without losing quality, price less than one-tenth of shopping centers. In addition, the most popular is the majority of investors: investment for the project or agency, http://www.wholesale-korean-fashion.com/ will be based on different regions and different regional cultures, different customs and habits of investors to provide personalized investment program, so whether it is fresh graduates students, business people or laid off, or are primitive accumulation of entrepreneurs are able to maximize personal advantage, location advantage, local conditions, and quickly occupied the market.
 “Korean clothing” closely linked to the needs of the times, the face of attack, to meet the mind of many consumers so that they had on the both stylish and comfortable living!

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White collocation principles

White and any color collocation, but should match skillfully, also need to expend idea one time. The red and white collocation is bold. Dressed in white, the recreational unlined upper garment, wearing a red skirt, under the enthusiasm and appear. In contrast, the white, the softer look.

Blue collocation principles

In all, the blue color garment most easily with other colour is tie-in. Whether similar to the dark blue or black, easier collocation, and blue is tightening, is extremely attractive figure. Vivid red blue collocation, make a person appear enchanting, handsome, but should notice LanGong proportion. The approximate black, blue fit coat of white shirt, tie the tie, attend some formal occasions, can make the person is mysterious and romantic. The bright blue coat and curve and blue skirt collocation, again with white shirt, white socks and shoes, and will give an ornament of lightsome enchanting breath. The blue skirt with white shirt is a very ordinary dress. If you can put on an elegant lavender small coat, will smooth add a few minutes of metropolitan flavor. Wearing a purple sweater, the pale blue skirt with narrow down, even if no fancy pattern, also can be in nature reveals YunWeiEr mature.

Brown collocation principles

With white collocation, give a person a kind of pure feeling. Golden brown and knee round skirt with big shirt skirt collocation, can reflect the charm and elegance. Choose the chestnut color elegant fabrics keep doing, match with red sweater jacket, red scarf, vivid, handsome and clinking. Brown sweater with brown pants, can reflect elegant grid and mature. Brown thick sweater with brown cotton dress, through both qualitative difference, showing the unique personality.

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Black collocation principles

Black is a joker color, regardless of the what colour are put together, will have amorous feelings one time.

Cream-colored collocation principles

Coat is shallow meters deep color, clothing is under color, mature, intellectual rice and generous, mixed grey colour is backward and contractive feeling. Use cream-colored wear a taste of a rigorous, not difficult also. A piece of shallow cream-colored high-necked short-sleeved sweater, with a black pants, put on the delicate with luster with black shoes and pointed to a professional women’s professional feeling foil properly. If you want a spell able, strong feelings, then select a black stripes delicate dress suits, match on one paragraph cream-colored, white style of handbags and female grace. Clear but not dazzling. In warm color or gentle, or used in fashion, cream-colored color. Because of its simplicity and beige full intellectual beauty and become the blue dress workplace. Compared with white, cream-colored much a few minutes warm and elegant, no matter hyperbole, Compared with black, cream-colored pure softness, not too dignified. In pursuit of heavy and complicated is simple fashion trend to give in to their pure and elegant, cream-colored and rigorous modern breath workplace atmosphere. Any color will wear out the best effect, exquisite collocation, cream-colored is no exception.

Most importantly, your dress collocation with your temperament must match.

Black and white collocation is eternal classics, but other color is tie-in, can be the flavor.

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Men’s clothing than a single color, with a relatively simple, but the color of women’s complex, with skills is particularly important, in our matching colors to the customers, he must consider how it could help with the customers are the most decent piercing results, customer satisfaction, can store endless repeat customers.
  There are many colors for women to wear, the current market, what color the ladies have, we can put color into three categories: warm, cool, neutral color.
    Red, yellow, orange and the similar color can be classified as warm, giving people the feeling of heat; cyan, blue was cool to give people the feeling of cold; green, and purple color in the middle. In the summer, we usually choose cool clothing, give cool feeling. While in the winter, we will choose the warm winter, warm to others. White skin people, whatever color clothes to wear can be fine. If the color black, then. It should try to wear some warm clothes. Should not wear red.
    In addition to cold and warm shades of color than there are divided, dark appear stable, calm, light-colored look elegant, generous. Out on different occasions, you can choose clothes appropriate color depth. Those are the basic colors common sense. Here are the basic colors of several methods.
Same color matching method.
    This is one of the most simple, basic color matching. Same color is the same or similar series of hue, brightness change resulting from the shades of the different shades of color. Same color can be achieved with a dignified, quiet, steady results, suitable for mature women elegant temperament. It must be noted with the same kind of color, the color and the color difference between the brightness to be appropriate, a difference too small, too close to the colors easily confused with each other, the lack of layering; difference too strong color contrast too easy to separate as a whole. When the same color with the best deep, medium and light changes in three levels, with less than three levels, was relatively dull, but easy to produce excessive levels of red tape, scattered results. If the red color tone was the same kind of match, it can be expected to rose red skirt, red sweater camel, purple shoes, red garnet earrings and makeup composition.
With a method similar to color clothes.
    Similar color so that color ring around the neighborhood in less than 90 degrees color. Such as red and orange, orange and yellow and green, yellow and green, green and purple colors are all similar. Similar color changes clothes with more coherence and still get the overall effect of popular favor women.
Main color dress with a method.
    This color can use a variety of contrasting colors, but to establish a leading role in the main color. Main color and tone should be consistent set of clothing, the main color in the whole set of clothes should account for a large proportion of the area or the more important position. Secondary color choices have to comply with the overall tone clothing.
    In addition to these are the three with a way to understand, but also to match the various colors of the principle of understanding on the deployment of different colors can be applied with ease


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