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Posted on: August 6, 2010

Korean Costume Design of a bit

Unconventional asymmetrical design is the most typical Korean style clothing. It leads the wholesale korean fashion trend because the charming style.You can find a lot of pretty Korean fashion in many online boutiques,for example the wholesale-korean-fashion.com is the up-rising star. For example last year the popular exposed side of the shoulder-strap design, stylish girls to pursue a delightful surprise. Asymmetric design which more and more in love by the Korean clothing: skirt length became irregular asymmetric hem skirt is designed to slash the asymmetric or completely irregular, making the more dynamic. The unique collar design, the asymmetric design of his breast, gave the feeling of summer clothes into new.

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Wholesale korean fashion clothing vest

Summer, the beautiful vest is an indispensable fashion label. The rich color, tight, right through, Lucy, to create a sexy atmosphere, and is in accordance with the pursuit of love vests. And settle down, become a fashion comeback stomachers an important role in the stage. The new stomachers colors, fabrics vary; design details are not the same, there are all halter, semi-halter, and there are almost no halter, and the same as suspenders. However, the obvious features are stomachers reservations: neck straps, diamond-shaped chest, pointed hem. This new stomachers with a variety of costumes with, and can access a variety of occasions. Enough courage, can also be worn alone, in the amazing eyes in wanton once.

Wholesale korean clothing Individual Character

The most attractive place to Korean clothing and hongkong fashion is also the use of hyperbole it, it meets the busy city where people desire to give vent to their feelings. Individuality is a source of pleasure: to the extreme width of the wide-leg trousers wide, thin it to the extreme of tight thin. You can charm to the extreme: pure white tight-fitting vest, pink embroidered trousers, a show of hands, one gazing, both the female distribution of endless charm; you can also mysterious to the extreme: a black vest with a black strapless wide leg trousers, true color of the nets long skirt, a search of the mysterious girl is looking.



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