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Dress with eye-catching orange

Posted on: August 4, 2010

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Color is the first impression, and its sense of strong attraction to the dressing, get incisively and vividly, must fully understand the characteristics of color.

Light color mediates the gorgeous colour is ahead and expand feeling, dark grey colour is mixed back and contractive feeling.

Properly using two kinds of color, not only can revise, impressions of the body, and cover can emphasize highlight your strengths. As for the light body weight, under appropriate chooses the fabric made of soft light dark skirt or trousers, to attenuate the stout extremities. Tall plump women, in choosing tie-in coat, also suit to use brunet. This law is applicable to most people, unless your body, do not need to be perfect to cover.

Some MM always thinks, the more the instablity colour “rich and colorful. Set in a LuoQi colors, gold, silver, hang in not good effect. The dress is not beauty, beauty is not low price, the key is to properly, age, deserve to identity, season and environment, the custom is the main body tonal, harmonious whole consistency. “Color is not much, harmony, and beauty” correct match colors method, should choose one of two series is the mass-tone, the color, the dress, other area occupying a complementary color, contrast, foil or used as adorning key parts, such as the collar, belts, scarves, etc, in order to obtain various united harmonious effect

Generally speaking, the colour collocation of the clothing is divided into two categories, coordinating color collocation, another kind is aptly collocation.

Red plus yellow is orange, it is the most conspicuous and most easily identifiable color outside the three primary colors.
Orange has been widely applied to commercial advertising and signs in public facilities is a source of insecurity.

   Orange gives the most direct experience is impulsive, gorgeous, happy, sweet, good harvest, while it is reminiscent of tangerine, orange, persimmon, fire, etc., is a sweet and full of feeling.

   Clothing with: people have a warm, peaceful, pleasure feeling. It is not very popular in 1998 winter, but in 2099, many fashion designers predict that it will serve as a wide range of decorative, gray color on the jump, like autumn maple leaves fluttering in the Woods. Purple gray suit skirt, and then with an orange scarf, will be make the finishing point. Clothing coffee color, dotted with orange is relatively harmonious.

   Positive meaning: Protection of emotions, back to reality, strengthen the courage, balance the endocrine treatment of sexual problems.

   Negative meaning: dependence, addiction, chronic tension. Collocation and examples: Louis Vuitton orange belt system is also very nice scarves do. Orange silk night dress fall into the beautiful goddess dress. In this quarter are decorated with orange color, not the star.

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