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Clothing accessories skills

Posted on: August 4, 2010

Every woman in the pursuit of popular fashion, while the slaves do not want to become a fashion, and jewelry should not be bound. The simplest, most effective way is in your closet to find a new combination, in your jewelry box using your imagination to enjoy with fully reflect the personality and popularity, show a new self.

    Gold jewelry with red, white and black blend any color. Combinations with the formation of red warm atmosphere is young, optimistic about the first choice for women, especially in all kinds of festive occasions are respected. Combination with the formation of mysterious black family, noble style, as chillingly, arrogant, like females, usually appears at the dinner, is memorable. And the formation of pure white series combination of beauty and simplicity of working women in particular about the most likely selected. But skilfully fashion jewelry into the atmosphere you create, a unique way to reflect the personality and charisma, might listen to some tips:

    1. Earring sewn on the brim, it became the only city where a hat clip, guide popular.
    2. The current string in the neck ring with a leather cord to become the best jewelry with a soft sweater .
    3. Street scarf fits, you can find a ring decorated with style, with a scarf across, forming a new scarf .
    4. In the days do not wear suits, please send your brooch folder on your disk from the hair, a hard to find the birth of a hairpin .
    5. Wearing a long necklace, bracelet, when no longer fresh, and please try to sew necklace or bracelet on your belt, or will you wear bracelets and necklaces random sets, then or in any fashion you have a gap cut office hung, the formation of a new idea of clothing.

    Gold jewelry can match different colors of clothing, but different face, different body, different career choice learning to wear big gold jewelry. The following suggestions for reference:

    1. Moon-faced women, suitable for wearing earrings and necklace-style hanging pendant; long face women wear the best ear-type earrings and a package of designing the necklace, instead of hanging together.
    2. Tall and slender women can wear long necklaces; short stature of women, it is recommended wearing a necklace.
    3. Fingers slender women can wear exaggerated form of the ring; fingers slightly rounded woman, wearing a thin ring, or preferably with a flower pattern flower ring, etc., so you can look exquisite.
    4. Professional women with gentle for texture of gold jewelry but are usually determined to shape type, pattern, etc., while young and do not wear professional clothing to women, a variety of geometric graphics, cartoon graphics are better choices .


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