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The classical collocation of clothing laws

Posted on: July 28, 2010

Men’s clothing than a single color, with a relatively simple, but the color of women’s complex, with skills is particularly important, in our matching colors to the customers, he must consider how it could help with the customers are the most decent piercing results, customer satisfaction, can store endless repeat customers.
  There are many colors for women to wear, the current market, what color the ladies have, we can put color into three categories: warm, cool, neutral color.
    Red, yellow, orange and the similar color can be classified as warm, giving people the feeling of heat; cyan, blue was cool to give people the feeling of cold; green, and purple color in the middle. In the summer, we usually choose cool clothing, give cool feeling. While in the winter, we will choose the warm winter, warm to others. White skin people, whatever color clothes to wear can be fine. If the color black, then. It should try to wear some warm clothes. Should not wear red.
    In addition to cold and warm shades of color than there are divided, dark appear stable, calm, light-colored look elegant, generous. Out on different occasions, you can choose clothes appropriate color depth. Those are the basic colors common sense. Here are the basic colors of several methods.
Same color matching method.
    This is one of the most simple, basic color matching. Same color is the same or similar series of hue, brightness change resulting from the shades of the different shades of color. Same color can be achieved with a dignified, quiet, steady results, suitable for mature women elegant temperament. It must be noted with the same kind of color, the color and the color difference between the brightness to be appropriate, a difference too small, too close to the colors easily confused with each other, the lack of layering; difference too strong color contrast too easy to separate as a whole. When the same color with the best deep, medium and light changes in three levels, with less than three levels, was relatively dull, but easy to produce excessive levels of red tape, scattered results. If the red color tone was the same kind of match, it can be expected to rose red skirt, red sweater camel, purple shoes, red garnet earrings and makeup composition.
With a method similar to color clothes.
    Similar color so that color ring around the neighborhood in less than 90 degrees color. Such as red and orange, orange and yellow and green, yellow and green, green and purple colors are all similar. Similar color changes clothes with more coherence and still get the overall effect of popular favor women.
Main color dress with a method.
    This color can use a variety of contrasting colors, but to establish a leading role in the main color. Main color and tone should be consistent set of clothing, the main color in the whole set of clothes should account for a large proportion of the area or the more important position. Secondary color choices have to comply with the overall tone clothing.
    In addition to these are the three with a way to understand, but also to match the various colors of the principle of understanding on the deployment of different colors can be applied with ease



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