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Different occasions with dress sense

Posted on: July 26, 2010

Fashion dress sense
Dress different occasions

◎ formal occasion dress

— Official functions, banquets, formal meetings, receptions, wedding ceremony in the evening’s social activities must wear a dark suit, white shirt lining required to wear ties required to wear a tie rule pattern or patterns, color contrast should not be too strong.

Semi-formal dress occasions ◎

Semi-formal occasions – work, lunch, general access, high-level meetings and a more solemn event, held during the day, you can wear a medium color, light or dark than the bright suits, shirts and wear purer, refined color coordination with the suit shirt and tie required rules of pattern or patterns with a tie or elegant monochrome tie.

◎ informal occasion dress

In an informal setting — travel, friends, etc., can be more casually dressed in freedom, choose colors bright light, flowers and beautiful suit, shirt can be any combination or not to wear a shirt, wear T-shirts, ties can be free with However, avoid using red and red tie.

A variety of seasonal clothing

◎ spring dress

Recovery of all things, prosperous and warm weather flaunt the mood relaxed. This season’s color can be any of a group of the spectrum, there are cool to warm over are the most common. Such as beige, light green. Fabric texture in order to close the main flexible worsted fabric. Structure of claims is to coordinate with the set-piece plus windbreaker.

◎ Summer Dress

Sun sunshine, nowhere to hide in the hot so we are keen to cool. Neutral colors, white and black contrast, relatively weak pure and clear some of the color quality would be welcomed. For example: white, ivory, yellow, light meters gray. Cotton, hemp, silk, dress this season is the preferred material. Style simple and cut right, exquisite suit can be worn at work and evening. And the Korean fashion clothing or the hongkong fashion clothing is very popular in this summer.

◎ autumn dress

Vegetation Xiao Shu, Montreal, from the heavy accumulation of yellow leaves should be harvested mood. Formed by a group of warm clothing way recommended. For example: brown, mustard yellow. Autumn best reflect “the whole dress code” approach, two-piece suits with vests, three-piece, or a trench-style jacket. Fabric selection can be diverse, fluffy texture and a soft cut worth considering.

◎ winter clothing

Very warm to cold, bleak nature has given us the opportunity to show color, the color of the same season would be attractive. Of course, should be Canglan conventional, mixed ash, turmeric, dark blue, brown, winter can also be neat, elegant appearance with, it requires skill, can be wool fabric, cashmere, camel hair as raw materials. Can also be woolen worsted.

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