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Different occasion’s dressing skills

Posted on: July 22, 2010

1 dating
Lower body to wear khaki, upper body on behalf of emotions, wear pink orange, or apricot, contribute to emotional express. Or lower body wear gray, upper body wearing pink or pink with apple green.
2 hours of work
Wear dark brown with red, dark brown behalf of safe and stable, lower body on behalf of mobility, red stands for ambition for business personnel. Or brown pants, take the olive green jacket, can convey stability and loyalty. In addition, the light gray distribution claret , chocolate color, or light blue, dark blue sweater is also quite good.
3 leisure time wearing color
Wearing a light gray lower, upper body take pink, mint green, sea blue, cream or white. Or wear khaki drawstring trousers, cotton trousers, take the yellow, light green,apple green, or white rice, to select the color which can relax yourself is better.
4 useful accessories Recommended
Medium-sized scarf to match the color of clothing, such as red, purple, gray, fawn, blue, dark green, etc. And various styles of hats.
5 brown or brown belt
prepare a wide one and a narrow one belts to suitable with the different trousers. And the belt for the jeans do not to be confused with the suit pants belt.
6 feeling good white shirt
White pattern can be set off parts of the texture and color class.
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